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Home Decluttering & Organizing In Vadnais Heights, MN

Have you noticed that your home in Vadnais Heights is accumulating more nick-nacks and junk as the years continue to pass? If your storage spaces are becoming overrun with these items and you want to make these areas useful once again, we have just the solution for you.

Here at Can The Clutter, our team is passionate about creating organized and decluttered rooms and office spaces in order to foster peaceful living and work. Our Vadnais Heights home organizing professionals will work alongside you to create a personalized organizing system that is sustainable and one that will reclaim the peace you once had in your home. 

Throughout our years of service, we’ve seen families and businesses get busier, and it ends up showing in their main living and operating areas. Instead of letting this clutter get out of hand, contact our team of professionals today and we will introduce a sustainable organizing system for whatever area of your home or business that is needing help. Whether this area is your bedroom, garage, kitchen pantry, living room, office space or any other room, our crew of decluttering experts will transform your space into a vibrant room once again.


Professional House Organizers

Since it took an extended amount of time to accumulate all of your items, it may take a little bit to either get rid of some items or create an organizing solution for them. This process will prove to be extremely beneficial in your own life, however. Also as our team develops a plan, we make sure to involve the property owner in the process in order to make sure that the work is sustainable and able to be completed.

While our home decluttering and organizing solutions are a couple of our forefront services, our team is also extremely talented at providing pack and unpack services and home staging services. If you’re in the middle of, or about to begin, a house moving process, this service is exactly what you need to avoid the stress of packing, unpacking and setting up your home for photos to be taken.


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Are you needing assistance with your home or business organizing tasks in Vadnais Heights? Contact the professionals at Can The Clutter today to learn more about how we can help get rid of the clutter and develop customized organizing solutions for your property. Call us today!

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“Marcia was great. She and Maggie (daughter with ADD) spent two hours working in her room. I have a nice pile to take to Goodwill! We are going to have her come back in May when Maggie comes home from school for the summer. We both felt it was well worth it and I would recommend Marcia highly to other people.”

Sheila Folkestad, Mom

“Catherine is great to work with and is very professional and friendly. She is easy to talk to, positive and encouraging, and doesn’t judge. Both of our children recently moved out permanently, so we’re repurposing their rooms. Catherine helped talk through the things we have accumulated and helped make good, quick decisions. We would highly recommend Can the Clutter if you’re having trouble figuring out where to start with reorganizing or decluttering.”

Janice Huffman Woodbury, MN

“Recently, I engaged Marcia Yockers to help me handle the possessions of a friend who was moving out of an apartment to live in a long term care facility. From our very first meeting, I felt very comfortable in letting her handle different aspects of this assignment. Marcia was very efficient as we worked through each phase of the project. She had good ideas on the best way to handle different types of property. I would highly recommend the use of her service as it saved me a lot of time and the project was completed on time and on budget. It allowed me to focus my time on my friend rather than her things.”

Kelly Dunn Excelsior