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Basement Organizing Services

The basement is a part of every home where junk tends to pile up and create clutter. Boxes of everything from excess household supplies to old kids' toys wind up being thrown on top of each other until they become impossible to distinguish. If this goes on for long enough, you may find your basement so cluttered that you can't even walk through it. To stop the clutter in your basement before it gets any worse, you need help from your local organizing experts!

Can The Clutter is a Twin Cities based organizing service that is owned and operated by local women. It's our goal to help homeowners in Minneapolis, St. Paul and the surrounding metro area find peace in their own homes by ridding their living spaces of clutter.

Top Notch Basement Organizing Services

It makes perfect sense to use your basement as a storage area, as long as you keep it clean and organized. The problem is that most homeowners are too busy to worry about keeping their basement neat, which is what leads to it becoming a dumping ground for junk that eventually becomes inaccessible.

The organizational pros at Can The Clutter can declutter your basement by organizing your belongings so that similar items are neatly stacked together and you'll be able to walk between them without tripping over your mess. If there's a lot of junk in your basement that you really don't need anymore, we can help you dispose of it to free up even more space. In a single day's work, our team can thoroughly organize your basement to keep you from becoming stressed at the very sight of it.

The Finest Home Organizing Service in the Twin Cities

At Can The Clutter, we know that keeping your home environment clean and organized is key to feeling at peace. We strive to help homeowners all over the Twin Cities metro to declutter their homes and learn vital organization skills in the process. Get in touch with Can The Clutter today for masterful basement organizing services in the greater Twin Cities area!

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“Marcia was great. She and Maggie (daughter with ADD) spent two hours working in her room. I have a nice pile to take to Goodwill! We are going to have her come back in May when Maggie comes home from school for the summer. We both felt it was well worth it and I would recommend Marcia highly to other people.”

Sheila Folkestad, Mom

“Catherine is great to work with and is very professional and friendly. She is easy to talk to, positive and encouraging, and doesn’t judge. Both of our children recently moved out permanently, so we’re repurposing their rooms. Catherine helped talk through the things we have accumulated and helped make good, quick decisions. We would highly recommend Can the Clutter if you’re having trouble figuring out where to start with reorganizing or decluttering.”

Janice Huffman Woodbury, MN

“Recently, I engaged Marcia Yockers to help me handle the possessions of a friend who was moving out of an apartment to live in a long term care facility. From our very first meeting, I felt very comfortable in letting her handle different aspects of this assignment. Marcia was very efficient as we worked through each phase of the project. She had good ideas on the best way to handle different types of property. I would highly recommend the use of her service as it saved me a lot of time and the project was completed on time and on budget. It allowed me to focus my time on my friend rather than her things.”

Kelly Dunn Excelsior