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$75 per hour
Save 15% on First Session
$75 per hour

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$70 per hour
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Total Price $700

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$65 per hour
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“Can the Clutter does so much more than set up organizing systems. They teach the client to learn new behaviors and unlearn bad ones. Their approach is not combative or emotional, just logical. There is no blame, negatives are not the focus. It’s about accountability and solutions that work for the individual. A great investment…a lot cheaper than a divorce or marriage counseling!”

Charlene Tolles-Engelmann Homemaker & Owner, Family Owned Business

"Can the Clutter did an excellent job organizing the home of one of my clients. They were able to transform the look of the home to appear more spacious and meticulously maintained. As a result of their work I’m confident we were able to sell the home for $20,000 – $30,000 more!"

Jim Gibbons RE/MAX Integrity

“Can the Clutter is helping me declutter and organize like I have always dreamed. They are incredibly fast and ask the right questions that enable me to make decisions. In a matter of minutes, they guided me through the “toss, save, think about it” dilemma that I have unsuccessfully tried to do a b’zillion times in the past. They have been supportive throughout the whole process, a value that is beyond price at this time. This was not the stressful experience I expected thanks to Can the Clutter. We have laughed a lot and who knew how much fun decluttering could be."

Marquita Nurse