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five star reviews

Can the Clutter® helps others tackle issues that negatively affect their daily lives. This has resulted in many satisfied clients who've expressed their gratitude for achieving organization and efficiency, which in-turn saves them time, money and stress.

Home Organizing

"Just spent a whole weekend working with Can the Clutter®.
They are amazing! If you need help with your clutter give them a call."

Matt Paxton Expert on A&E TV series "Hoarders" Author of "The Secret Lives of Hoarders"

"Can the Clutter is awesome! They truly assisted me in organizing my office.
Catherine came into my home and after she left, I said to myself it feels so good to purge all these items.
I learned new methods for managing necessary papers, etc. Highly recommend Can the Clutter!"


"There is peace AND order in my house thanks to you! Helping Allie (10-year-old daughter) attack her piles of memorabilia that consisted of gum wrappers to Valentines from kindergarten was no easy task. Somehow as I eavesdropped you had an easy conversation that I as “Mom” was unable to achieve.

When I walked into her room I was amazed! Allie spent the entire evening in her room admiring her accomplishment and said she never wanted it messy again. You are a saint. Thank you… over and over!"

Ann Mother

"I just sent a picture of our newly organized craft room to my aunt. Thanks a million, you have made such a difference in our life! Thank you!"


Having the Can the Clutter team help us prepare our mom's house for sale has helped me to maintain a good relationship with my siblings during this stressful time.


Thank you so much! It is such a lift to walk into my closet and not feel overwhelmed. I am so grateful.


I just sent a picture of our transformed storage and craft room to my aunt. You have made such a difference in our life! Thank you.



"I am so grateful to you for your help in downsizing my mother’s belongings and furniture so she could move into a studio apartment at an assisted living facility. Coming from out of state, I was dreading what I though would be an impossible chore. I could not have done this without you. By arranging many of the details for me, I was able to better spend my time making sure my mother was comfortable in what can be a very disorienting process for the elderly. My mother loves her new place and the arrangement and placement you designed for her furniture."

Susan Daughter

"Marcia and Joni just did a super job organizing my cousin's move into assisted living. They determined in advance which furniture would fit in the new apartment and laid out the floor plan, thereby minimizing the movers' time. Then they artfully hung pictures and plaques, neatly stacked clothing in drawers and closets, and arranged items on shelves. I couldn't have been more pleased and I recommend them highly."


Home Staging

"They say that the stress of selling a home ranks up there with a death in the family. If you are contemplating moving in the near future, there is help. Quickly run to the nearest phone and call Can the Clutter® ASAP. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through this process without her help.

That downturned economy? No problem. I’m living in my new home already. If there is a downside to working with Can the Clutter®, it is probably that my house will sell sooner then later and I’ll have to move. Oh right, wasn’t that why I engaged their services in the first place?! They have an anointed gift which I highly recommend."

Marquita Nurse

"Can the Clutter® did an excellent job de-cluttering and organizing the home of one of my clients.
The end result was a home that looked much more presentable. My client was thrilled with the results and thoroughly enjoyed working with them."

Jim Re/Max Integrity, Real Estate Broker