five star reviews

Jan Lehman founded Can the Clutter® as a way of helping others tackle issues that negatively affect their daily lives. Her rewards are realized in satisfied clients, and their gratitude for achieving organization and efficiency, which in-turn saves them time, money and stress.

Home Organizing

"Just spent a whole weekend working with Jan Lehman from Can the Clutter®. She is amazing! If you need help with your clutter give Jan a call."

Matt Paxton Expert on the Emmy nominated TV series Hoarders on the A&E Network and author of The Secret Lives of Hoarders

"Jan is helping me de-clutter and organize like I have always dreamed. She is incredibly fast and asks the right questions that enable me to make decisions. In a matter of minutes Jan guides me through the “toss, save, think about it” dilemma that I have unsuccessfully tried to do a b’zillion times in the past.

Have you ever cleaned out a closet, planning to purge stuff only to re-claim items because you felt guilty, wasteful or disrespectful? Stuff is emotionally charged, sentimental, attached to memories of your children or loved ones no longer living. No wonder we treasure all of our stuff and keep packing away more.

Jan has been supportive throughout the whole process, a value that is beyond price at this time. This was not the stressful experience I expected thanks to Jan. We have laughed a lot and who knew how much fun de-cluttering could be."

Marquita Nurse

"Have you ever met someone who impressed you as really having their act together? Jan Lehman is one of those individuals, and she’s created Can the Clutter to help others to do the same. I’ve known Jan to be very organized, and very strategic with her ability to prioritize tasks and to get things done. Jan combines these abilities with superb interpersonal skills…..as a result you don’t feel guilty about finally getting to the things you’ve been putting off. If you need help getting organized in this very busy world, call Jan."

Michael Insurance Agent

"I’ve never hired an organizer before and had no idea what to expect and when Jan arrived for our first session I was relieved to find that Jan’s attitude was down to earth, straightforward and very friendly. The next few days were spent on reorganizing the room to fit my art/craft activities. I was amazed that this major project was so quickly completed and I just couldn’t wait to get in there and create, create, create!

Jan has exceeded my expectations. I now have a art/craft room where everything is organized, where I can find my tools, and have plenty of work space to work on.

On a side note, Jan’s energy left me inspired to tackle my kitchen and bathrooms, as well as, purging my clothes closet and dressers too. She is positive, practical, and full of zest and you just can’t help but catch her dynamic approach and apply it to other rooms.

It was a joy working with Jan and I highly recommend her services. Not only will you regain a usable space again but you’ll also gain a sense of fresh freedom from all that cluttered stuff that was putting you down."

Danita Artist/Web Designer

"There is peace AND order in my house thanks to you! Helping Allie (10 year old daughter) attack her piles of memorabilia that consisted of gum wrappers to Valentines from kindergarten was no easy task. Somehow as I eavesdropped you had an easy conversation that I as “Mom” was unable to achieve. When I walked into her room I was amazed! Allie spent the entire evening in her room admiring her accomplishment and said she never wanted it messy again. You are a saint. Thank you…over and over!"

Ann Mother


"I am so grateful to you for your help in downsizing my mother’s belongings and furniture so she could move into a studio apartment at an assisted living facility. Coming from out of state, I was dreading what I though would be an impossible chore. I could not have done this without you. By arranging many of the details for me, I was able to better spend my time making sure my mother was comfortable in what can be a very disorienting process for the elderly. My mother loves her new place and the arrangement and placement you designed for her furniture."

Susan Daughter

"Jan’s pleasant, understanding and helpful attitude eased the anxiety of downsizing from 2200 to 1500 square feet. Nearly everything found an appropriate new home. Thanks so much Jan!"

Barbara and Judy Retired seniors

"Everything in our 3-story house had to go. My first thought? Panic. I knew I had to have professional help to let go of things I was holding onto… Jan designed a plan that made sense to me and helped me sort my home quickly and peacefully. She even made sure I didn’t have a big pile in the middle of my room when our session was over. By the time my second session was completed, I had a transformed home! I can’t wait to bring her into my office, after the results I saw in my home. Jan is friendly, compassionate, organized and focused; the perfect combination for those who truly want to “can their clutter."

Pamela Public Speaker Coach

"Jan was extremely helpful with organizing my grandparent’s personal documents. My grandfather had gotten to the point he was incapable of running the day to day operations of a household. My grandmother had to take over only she had never done any of the necessary things, like paying bills. Jan cleaned, organized, and walked my Grandmother through everything she needed to know to make the transition as easy on everyone as possible. A lot of people get to the point they need some assistance when certain tasks are just to overwhelming. My entire family is so thankful for everything Jan has done for us."

Ross Insurance Agent


"Two weeks ago, our office had Jan Lehman in to present organizing advice that could help us both at home and in the office. Obviously, disorganization can be quite an insecurity for most people– especially women. Our group is no different. It was amazing to be able to put to words the stress that disorganization can add to any situation. We actually found that most of us were not alone in feeling like failures in the area of organization.

Whether you are a mom working hard to manage your home, or someone who retreats home after a difficult day at the office— I’m convinced taking the time to hear helpful hints about de-cluttering and managing your personal space will appeal to you. Jan is very “real” (for lack of a better word)…..And though she is an ‘organizing machine’— she didn’t belittle or condescend those of us who aren’t. She kept us laughing,– and we were all glad to hear it’s not too late to get organized, de-clutter and de-stress."

Terri Shear Office Manager, Dan L. Stambaugh, DMD PC

Home Staging

"Jan was very helpful with her service when working with a stressed seller that was on a very short time frame, in the sale of her home. Jan’s patience and kindness went a long way with the situation I was in as a listing Realtor. I will always use Jan as long as she is around! Thanks so much, Jan!"

Gregg Prudential Real Estate Professionals

"Jan and I have worked together on numerous projects. Her ability to organize amazes me. When I recommend her to my clients they are forever grateful! Jan and I are able to see the big picture for a client and get beautiful results.

Once Jan completes her organizing I am able to decorate and get optimal results to benefit the client and create a home or work environment that is inviting, and functional."

Ann Decorator

"They say that the stress of selling a home ranks up there with a death in the family. If you are contemplating moving in the near future, there is help. Quickly run to the nearest phone and call Jan ASAP. I wouldn’t advise anyone to go through this process without her help.

That down turned economy? No problem. I’m living in my new home already. If there is a downside to working with Jan, it is probably that my house will sell sooner then later and I’ll have to move. Oh right, wasn’t that why I engaged Jan’s services in the first place?! Jan has an anointed gift which I highly recommend."

Marquita Nurse

"Jan did an excellent job de-cluttering and organizing the home of one of my clients. The end result was a home that looked much more presentable. My client was thrilled with the results and thoroughly enjoyed working with Jan."

Jim Re/Max Integrity, Real Estate Broker

Office Organizing

"I initially hired Jan to help me de-clutter my house in preparation for remodeling. I was mired in STUFF and she kindly and quickly got me moving. I incorporated her clutter clearing ideas into my remodel. Now, a year later, the remodel is done and Jan will come back to help me finish re-organizing my new space! As a result of the great work at my house, I also hired Jan at my office to help me with my complex work flow and also help my admin assistants work with my “remodeled” filing system. Where I feel overwhelmed, Jan feels challenged! I highly recommend her for both home and office organizing. She goes beyond clutter clearing and designs workable systems to keep you organized."

Sarah, PhD, Dean of Science Lane Community College

"I was overwhelmed with old paperwork and belongings that needed to be sorted through, organized, recycled, shredded or thrown out. Hiring Jan made the work of decluttering and reorganizing fun and very productive. When I got stalled she knew what to do to help me. I was able to work along with her and being involved helped me develop skills for continuing the process we have set up.

She is a great teacher and organizer, very personable, nonjudgmental and trustworthy. I had her come several different times over the course of the past 6 months. It has been well worth the time, effort and cost. Working with Jan is a real pleasure and I would give her a five star recommendation. Thanks again Jan!"

Diane Licensed Clinical Social Worker

"Jan Lehman makes a HUGE difference for home and office organization and work flow. She just left my office, and already I feel such relief. My piles of paper will soon have a manageable place, and I can trust nothing will be missed with designated priorities with daily, weekly and monthly purpose! I can’t wait to have Jan come back. She’s brilliant, and at the same time easy to work with. After I apply all she has taught me today, I want her to come back and teach me more.

It’s so much more than organization…her work increases my productivity and peace of mind! Her system helps me remember what I need to, and set aside (with confidence) things that can wait until tomorrow. The trick … just allow Jan to see the mess … she’ll have a solution!"

Judy Author/Public Speaker

"I cannot thank you enough for helping me bring order back into my life. Your expertise and organization with my clutter has given me a fresh start in the new year! Your advice is invaluable and will help me not only with my paperwork, but also with my busy work and family schedules. I just wanted to let you know how great it feels to once again be organized and have a system in place that allows me to stay on top of things!"

Mecca Dental