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Overwhelmed with “stuff?” Don’t know where to begin?

Start right here—you CAN get organized!

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We get it.  You’re busy!  You don’t want to spend your precious spare time sorting through closets and desk drawers.  Leave that to the professionals.  We service individuals, families and businesses struggling with too much clutter and too little time.  If you’re ready to outsource help in gaining control of your space, then we’re ready to dig in.


We are a woman-owned and operated, highly professional, non-judgmental, trusted resource you can depend on for all of your home organizing needs. We help you preserve the memories, not the stuff.


Consult: Tell us about your organizational struggles, and we’ll devise a plan to help you find peace in your space.

Plan: We are quickly able to evaluate what changes need to be made (physically and behaviorally), devise a plan of action, and set up a schedule that works for you.

Organize: Give us your expectations, and we do the work.  In many cases, you won’t even have to be present while we transform your space.  Come home to a more organized, livable space.

Maintain: Set up a schedule for us to come to your space and maintain organization, or let us help you devise a self-sufficient maintenance plan.


Can the Clutter is locally owned and operated in the Twin Cities, MN and surrounding areas. We also service the Eugene/Springfield, OR area.

“The Can the Clutter team does so much more than set up organizing systems. They teach the client to learn new behaviors and unlearn bad ones. It’s about accountability and solutions that work for the individual. A great investment…a lot cheaper than a divorce or marriage counseling!” Charlene Tolles-Engelmann, Homemaker & Owner, Family Owned Business

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