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Overwhelmed with “stuff?” Don’t know where to begin?

Start right here—you CAN get organized!


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Can the Clutter® is for someone just like you. Whether you’re a mother, senior, professional, man or woman.

Call us today. We can help! We are a highly professional, non-judgmental, trusted resource you can depend on. With a background in psychology, we offer great advice on how to part with your belongings in a way that is comfortable for you. We help you preserve the memories, not the stuff.

We are quickly able to evaluate what changes need to be made and to put a plan in place to not only eliminate the excess, but to set up ways to keep it in check.

“The Can the Clutter team does so much more than set up organizing systems. They teach the client to learn new behaviors and unlearn bad ones. It’s about accountability and solutions that work for the individual. A great investment…a lot cheaper than a divorce or marriage counseling!” Charlene Tolles-Engelmann, Homemaker & Owner, Family Owned Business

Jan laughs when she says, “And please…don’t worry about tidying up before we come. Together we can sort through all the stuff that concerns you. Tackling clutter and disorganization—that’s our job and we love it.”

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